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Sr. Electrical Design Engineer, Lidar/Lasers

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Irvine, CA
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Direct Hire
Bachelor of Science
Aug 09, 2016
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Digital / Analog Design Engineer required to design and develop either the digital or analog logic core of the next generation of 3-D depth mapping systems. Product designs involve the combination of optoelectronics, analog & digital design for interfacing to high speed drivers, FPGAs and ASICs and transmitting data to PC’s.
Tasks include requirements development, high speed analog design, FPGA code development, test bench development, verification, synthesis, timing analysis, unit testing and support of debug and system integration activities. Additional responsibilities can include task estimation, design trade studies, interface definitions, architecture definition and creation of analog or digital schematics.

Key Experience/Capabilities
• Analog/Digital Design
o FPGA design, synthesis and implementation. Programmable logic design experience with VHDL, Verilog, Xilinx and Altera FPGAs
o High speed analog and digital design (>1GHz)
o Interfacing FPGA to standard peripherals and microcontrollers
o Embedded programming experience for microcontrollers
• Signal and Data Processing Systems - High performance computing and data processing architectures for image processing and Receiver/Exciter designs
• Digital Hardware - Subsystem/Module Digital Circuits, custom circuit board design, programmable logic device and field programmable gate array designs for custom and commercial off-the-shelf systems
• Digital Systems - System Trades, Architecture/Partitioning, Embedded Processing and Real-Time System Control
• Hands-on experience testing and debugging high speed systems with complex analog amplification, microcontrollers or digital signal processing systems

Qualified candidates must have a B.S. or M.S. degree in electrical engineering and ~5+years of work experience with electronics. Background in lasers and photonics and/or laser radar is helpful. Effective communication skills are a prerequisite.

Candidate will start on contract basis for the remainder of the calendar year and move into full-time status at the first of the year.

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