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Sr. Software Manager - FILLED

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Direct Hire
Bachelor of Science
Jul 17, 2016
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Location: Southeast US

The Sr. Software Manager will lead a team in developing all aspects of software for optical instruments including micro-controller firmware to comm drivers (USB, RS232, Bluetooth, SPI, I2C) to signal (algorithms, math) to User Interface (.NET, Java, Android, iOS) to Cloud (REST).

You will have:
•    Demonstrated ability to lead a team in development and maintenance of a multi-platform software product
•    Minimum of 7 years industry work experience required
•    Java SE 5-8 (Ant/Maven, NetBeans or Eclipse)
•    C, C++ (C++11, make, STL, GNU toolchain)
•    Windows XP/7/8/10 (Visual Studio, .NET)
•    OOA / OOD / OOP, Design Patterns
•    Concurrency (threads, mutex)
•    Event-driven GUIs (Swing/JavaFX, WinForms/WPF)
•    Software Configuration Management (svn, git etc)
•    Strong written and verbal communication skills

Your skills ideally include, but not all are required:
•    Linux (userland, POSIX, embedded)
•    .NET languages (C#)
•    Shell scripting (Borne, Python, Perl)
•    USB (libusb, WinUSB, ezUSB)
•    Mobile (Android, 4.x, iOS / Swift)
•    Windows Driver Signing (WHQL/WHC)
•    Spectroscopy (Raman, absorbance, irradiance, etc.)
•    CIE Color math (emissive vs reflectative chromaticity, XYz, u’v’, etc)
•    Experience with optics, lasers
•    Linear Algebra (regressions, noise filters, peakfinding)
•    LabVIEW, MATLAB, or R
•    Agile Methodologies (TDD, Scrum)
•    Ethernet, WiFi, and/or Bluetooth
•    Sensor and instrument development


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